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Appliance Harmonizer

Appliance Harmonizer

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A simple solution to remediate high EMF emitting electronic sources.  Simply clip onto the power cord of the following devices:

  • All WiFi devices (Internet routers, Wi-Fi printers, Wi-Fi cable tv boxes, WiFi desktop computers, etc.)
  • Rotating motor devices (such as:  fans, AC units,  air purifiers, etc.)  This is especially important if you use any of these near where you sleep.

Why remediate? These EMF sources often measure over 1,000 times higher than safe levels determined by  Safe levels are those which do not produce biological effects. 

Unfortunately, household fans produce a very large and disruptive electromagnetic field. 

We recommend pairing an Appliance Harmonizer on your bedroom fan with a Commander Box or Master Plug for the whole house.  If you cannot remediate your ceiling fan, try to keep it on low. 

Approx Dimensions:  2.25″ x 7/8″ x 7/8″