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Home EMF Remediation Kit
Home EMF Remediation Kit

Home EMF Remediation Kit

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Concerned about EMFs and not sure what to do? The Home EMF Remediation Kit is a great place to start. 
  • Remediates EMFs in an average home*
  • Comes with instructions and installs easily in a few minutes.
  • Includes 1 Commander Box, 1 Better ZZZs, and 1 Appliance Harmonizer.
  • Remediates EMF issues including:  one Wi-Fi router, your smart meter, EMFs coming from outside of your home (like your neighbor’s smart meter or WiFi signals), dirty electricity in the home (between 4,000 to 100,000 Hz), your sleep area, and nearly all appliances inside of home including TV’s, CFL’s & other polarizing lights, refrigerator, etc.


  • As soon as 5G Cell Towers are installed on your street, you will need 2 Commander Boxes total to properly remediate your home.  
  • Your home will need one additional Commander Box for each of the following situations:
    • Solar Panels
    • Location within 1/2 block of any cell tower
    • Location within 20 yds of XL Powerlines or 20 feet of a Transformer
    • Metal roof
    • Home over 5,000 Sq Feet
    • Contact us if you have any questions about needs for your space
  • If you have multiple beds, make sure to order additional Better ZZZs 
  • If you have multiple Wi-Fi routers or other major appliances (fan or A/C unit near your bed, or a microwave oven that you use) it’s ideal to get additional Appliance Harmonizers.

Contact us if you are unsure about your specific situation and we are happy to guide you.